Introduction to Carbine              

Cost: $150 ($20 range fee paid to the range)

Course Length: 6-8 hours                                                                                

2018 Dates: 

  • 08 April 2018
  • 05 August 2018

“Introduction to Carbine” is a purpose built class for students with little to moderate experience with the AR-15 series of firearms. The focus of this class is to get the student to understand the operation and nomenclature of their firearm, as well as how to achieve a steady firing position and press accurate shots. Upon completion of this class, the student will have a better understanding of zero theory, Minute Of Angle (MOA) and mechanical offset.

Topics Covered:
– Range and Safety Etiquette
– Operation and Nomenclature
– Safe Rifle Handling
– Ground-Up Philosophy (Horizontal)
– Grouping
– Zero Theory
– Minute of Angle/Angular Deviation
– Height Over Bore/ Understanding Mechanical Offset

Equipment Required:
– Centerfire AR-15 patterned carbine/rifle with at least 2 magazines (more if magazines hold less than 20rds)
– 150rds Minimum
– Eye and Ear Protection
– Water source for 6-8 hours

Hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, rigid footwear, snacks for 6-8 hours, notepad and pen, folding chair.

What to Expect:
Training outside, being on your feet for 6 to 8 hours
In-depth discussions covering relevant topics
Self and group evaluation in a “Willing to learn” environment

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