Defensive Handgun

“Defensive Handgun” is a class that focuses on practical and defensive based skills crucial to fighting with a handgun. Upon completion, the student will have a better understanding of defensive techniques such as one handed shooting, non-standard shooting positions and the use of cover, all while being held to a high degree of accuracy and maintaining safe firearms handling.

This is an intermediate level class, therefore successful completion of “Basic Handgun” or equivalent (please email for details) is a prerequisite.

Topics Covered

Fundamental Overview

Draw and Presentation

Reloading Techniques

Stoppage Identification and Resolution

Multiple Target Engagements

One Handed Shooting Techniques

Alternate Shooting Positions

Use of Cover

Shooting While Moving

*Additional Discussions may include:

Single handed reloads and malfunction clearances

Personal continuation of training

Skills in context

Equipment Required

Practical and reliable Defensive Handgun with at least 3 magazines (more if your magazines hold less than 10rds)

Rigid and safe holsterĀ  (Designed specifically for students firearm, fully covers the trigger guard.) Outside the waistband (OWB) or Appendix Inside the waistband (AIWB) only.

Magazine carriers

Belt suitable for supporting the weight of firearm and magazines

Minimum of 300rds of ammunition (350 recommended)

Eye and Ear Protection

Water source for 6-8 hours


Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, rigid footwear, drinks and snacks, folding chair, notepad and pen

What to Expect

Training outside, being on your feet for 8 hours

Moderate physical activity

In depth discussions covering relevant topics

Self and group evaluation in a “Willing to learn” enviroment


Student must successfully completed “Basic Handgun” or equivalent (email for details)

Price: $140 (including range fee)

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