Varg Freeborn – “Violence of Mind” course

If you are reading this there is a very good chance that you have taken your CPL and carry a firearm for the protection of yourself and those around you. However, what steps have you taken to maximize your chance of winning the fight and minimize risk? Do you dry fire, spend time on the range with a specific training agenda, and/or have you taken a class from a reputable firearms instructor? I hope the answer to all of those is yes, but do you know who you are training to defend against and have you given any thought to your personal mindset? Sun Tzu is credited with the quote “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” This quote still rings true for all of us who carry a gun every day, because if we have put in the mental and physical training to enhance our skills, awareness, and critical decision-making abilities combined with an understanding of the higher order violent criminal we can stay ahead of the game.

If you ask people to describe a criminal, they would more than likely give you the iconic “thug” description which would also include their lack of education and undisciplined nature. That description might be true for the low-level criminal and only based on societal norms, but that would only scratch the surface of the criminal underworld. There are many files on high order thinking violent criminals that put in more time training than most of us do as well as being immersed in the world of violence on a daily basis. That means they have the home court advantage and the element of surprise to those of us trying to live our daily mundane lives. To better understand these violent criminals and to learn how to bring out the apex predator in us, we need to learn from someone who has first-hand experience in these matters. This is where the “Violence of Mind” course comes in.

The “Violence of Mind” course is taught and developed by Varg Freeborn of One Life Defense out of Southington, Ohio who has lived a very unusual life. Varg grew up in and spent most of his young adulthood in the criminal and gang lifestyle where he became intimately familiar with violence. He also spent time in prison after losing the initial legal battle after a self-defense case where another chapter in the criminal world was unveiled to him until he was able to appeal his case and regain his rights. Since then Varg has left that life behind him and turned his experiences into a unique training package geared towards the armed citizen and law enforcement.

Steadfast Applications will be hosting Varg Freeborn on February 11th at Long Range Archery and Firearms in Holland, MI. This is a course that you will not want to miss out on if you are serious about carrying a firearm. Sign up can be completed on Varg’s website. You can also hear more from Varg on his Spreaker channel, his Youtube channel, or on the Primary and Secondary Youtube channel.