Skills and Drills


Skills and Drills night

09 September, 2017

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone that came out and participated in our inaugural Skills and Drills night. This event was somewhat experimental this time around. The continued support from the local community is very much appreciated.
Skills and Drills was put together in response to a trend the Steadfast cadre has seen in the firearms community. We are aware that everyone has limited time and resources to put towards maintaining or improving their firearms proficiency. Therefore those resources must be maximized as much as possible. Far too often, we see that some individuals will get out to the range when they can, with what ammo they have, and turn their hard earned money into noise, with little to no actual training value added.
We launched Skills and Drills night to attempt to remedy that, being a bridge between an individuals personal range time and taking formal shooting classes. This event gives participants the oppurtunity to shoot drills that maybe they havent encountered before, as well as understanding which specific skills are meant to be tested in said drills. By understanding what the drill consisits of, and what the end goal is, we have found that there is more value added.
Steadfast Applications likes to differentiate between skills, tactics, drills and scenarios. Skills, as in handgun accuracy, speed reloading, etc., are tasks performed by a shooter. Tactics, are how skills are applied in certain situations, ususally dictated by an individuals training, law enforcement departments policies, or military unit. Drills are used to test or measure one or more specific skills. Scenarios are the application of skills as well as tactics in a certain training event.
The drills used are those that the Steadfast cadre has found to be applicable and beneficial to our own training regiment. Participants walk away from Skills and Drills with their own tangible results, whether a time or a score, that they can then take back to their own training time, as well as website links to allow them to print off the same targets used at the event at home.
We hope to be offering this event once a month during the firearms training season, and will work to continuously update the lineup of drills so that no two events consist of the same drills. Below is the participant score sheet that we used for this event, links to a couple of the drills we shot, as well a couple of photos. We hope to see you all out on the range again soon.